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IT Talent: Staffing, Outsourcing + Market Advisory Services

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IT Staffing

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, we help US-based companies find the best talent for their IT projects - from IT support to high-end application developers. We recognize that every situation is different and we want to make sure we provide you, our customers, the flexibility you need to find the right talent to match your needs..













We follow a six step process to ensure we understand what you're looking for. Our process is designed to provide clarity, transparency and consistency and ensures we offer the most effective solution to meet your immediate and strategic talent needs.





Software Development + QA

Global IT Outsourcing: Our modular Software Development & QA services deliver enterprise level value at a competitive price. With our IT outsourcing solutions, commercial businesses and government organizations worldwide can focus on their competencies instead of their IT infrastructure.

By designing, developing and delivering customized IT Development and QA solutions, we help you streamline your IT functions and improve your competitive position. Our approach is based on:

  • Collecting information from you about your specific business needs
  • Processing and analyzing this information based on our deep technological expertise
  • Collaborating with you through every aspect of our offerings
  • Ensuring alignment of your business objectives with round-the-clock support.

Throughout our global IT outsourcing portfolio, we:

  • Infuse thought leadership and innovation
  • Manage to the highest level of quality for service delivery
  • Enable you to transform your organization.

Go-to-India Market Advisory

From market intelligence, channel development, customer aquisition, to value delivery - we help ISVs succeed in the fast growth Indian market.

Emerging markets like India present both challenges and opportunities for ISVs serving them. The dynamic nature and growth potential for an entrant must be mapped to specific opportunities. We analyze the economic and business requirements of each enterprise segment, as well as consumer trends driving IT services adoption and revenues. Contact us to initiate a strategic discussion.


State-Wide Contracts


Knovitas LLC is a authorised Supplier for TEXAS DIR Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Cooperative Contracts program Under Contract DIR-SDD-2301, for ITSAC Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services.
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CATS+ Consulting and Technical Services,Maryland

Knovitas LLC is Master Contractor on the State of Maryland Consulting and Technical Services Plus (CATS+) contract in following Functional Areas. This contract will run through 2028
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